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Warm Vertical Condensation

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Master Cone Selection
Select master cone corresponding to canal taper and size of the apical foramen. Adjust for tugback by removing 0.5mm increments from working length
Canal Preparation
Remove master cone and dry the canal system with paper points.
Compactor Selection
Select largest heat plugger that will go to within 5mm of the working length without binding but no closer than
3mm. Confirm and set working length with rubber stopper.
Master Cone Placement
Lightly coat the dry canal walls with sealer shor t of the apical third. Coat the apical third of the fitted master cone with sealer and place into the canal.
Master Cone Compaction
(a) Sear off excess master cone at the orifice level.

(b) Use the larger end of a stainless
steel plugger and lightly compact the softened gutta percha at the orifice.
Apical Obturation - I
Activate and drive pre-measured heat plugger to within 5mm of working length, release heat and continue to apply apical pressure for approximately
5-10 seconds. This will minimise the shrinkage of the filling material.
Apical Obturation - II
Apply a shor t, 1 second separation burst of heat and withdraw heat plugger.
Select small hand plugger and gently compact the remaining gutta percha into the apical por tion of the canal.
Apical Obturation - Ill
At this point, the clinician may want to confirm apical obturation radiographically. If you need a post space created you are already done, otherwise, the canal is prepared for backfilling with the warm gutta percha delivery system.
Back Fill

Place the warmed applicator needle in the canal and allow the tip to heat the apical plug of gutta percha for approximately 2-5 seconds.
Pull the trigger and let the pressure of the gutta percha being extruded push you out of the canal. Do not apply apical pressure and do not pull the needle out of the canal.

(ln small canals, the expression of gutta percha can be completed in one step, however in larger canals, it is recommended that you express in 3-5mm increments coronally until you reach the canal orif ice.)
Select the flat, larger stainless steel end of a hand plugger and compact the gutta percha to reduce any shrinkage that may occur during cooling, and verify the obturation radiographically.

(A flat plugger is better for compaction and will not create the tubular voids often created with rounded pluggers.)
* You may choose to repeat steps 1-3 until the canal is sufficiently filled or enough to create a post space