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Intro motor
VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® is a new endo motor for reciprocating and continuous rotary nickel-titanium systems. It is conceived for convenience with an intuitive menu navigation and a clear display. There are pre-programmed settings for reciprocating systems RECIPROC® and WaveOne and for continuous rotary systems Mtwo®, FlexMaster®, ProTaper®, K3 and Gates. In the Dr.'s Choice programme, 15 further torque/ speed continuous rotary settings can be set and stored for use with other rotary nickel-titanium systems. For the rotary systems the motor offers automatic reverse rotation when the set torque limit is reached and acoustic warning signal when rotating in reverse direction and at 75% of the set torque values. VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® is battery operated and can also be used while charging.

System kit

The system kit contains:
Blister of 6 instruments R25
Blister of 6 instruments assorted, 3x R40, R50 each
Endo Training Tooth
RECIPROC® Paper Points assorted, sizes 25, 40, 50
RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha assorted, sizes 25, 40, 50 (NOT sterile)
RECIPROC® User card
RECIPROC® Brochure

VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® Motor and System Kit with length 25mm

Price: 1,254.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Ref: V041163025611

VDW.SILVER RECIPROC Motor and System Kit with length 25mm