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Intro motor
VDW.GOLD® RECIPROC® is a unique endo motor featuring all the functionality of the VDW.SILVER® motor plus an integrated apex locator. Choice of simultaneous length control or separate length determination. Apical Auto Stop upon reaching the apex.

System kit

The system kit contains:
Blister of 6 instruments R25
Blister of 6 instruments assorted, 3x R40, R50 each
Endo Training Tooth
RECIPROC® Paper Points assorted, sizes 25, 40, 50
RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha assorted, sizes 25, 40, 50 (NOT sterile)
RECIPROC® User card
RECIPROC® Brochure

VDW.GOLD® RECIPROC® Motor and System Kit with length 25mm

Price: 2,350.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Ref: V041173025611

VDW.GOLD RECIPROC Motor and System Kit with length 25mm