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The RECIPROC® System

RECIPROC® Instruments
RECIPROC® instruments are marked with the ISO colour of the instrument tip size for easy identification.

R25R25 prepares the root canal to an ISO size 25 at the tip with a taper of .08 in the first apical millimetres.
Reciproc 25

R40R40 prepares the root canal to an ISO size 40 at the tip with a taper of .06 in the first apical millimetres.
Reciproc 40

R50R50 prepares the root canal to an ISO size 50 at the tip with a taper of .05 in the first apical millimetres.
Reciproc 50

Instrument Design
File detail
RECIPROC® instruments have been specifically designed for use in reciprocation. RECIPROC® has a non-cutting tip:-
Noncutting tip

RECIPROC® is produced with M-Wire® nickel-titanium. Increased cyclic fatigue resistance is achieved through the use of this alloy produced in an innovative thermal-treatment process. M-Wire® has both greater resistance to cyclic fatigue and greater flexibility than traditional nickel-titanium.
Cross section

- RECIPROC® instruments are designed to be used as a single instrument. That means that one instrument only is required to prepare a root canal in the majority of cases .

- The shape obtained by the RECIPROC® instrument enables effective irrigation and obturation with both cold and warm techniques.

Diameter detail
See "Selecting the Correct RECIPROC® Instrument" for guidelines on selecting the RECIPROC® instrument for the canal type.

Silicone stopper
The stopper, in the ISO colour of the specific RECIPROC® instrument tip size, has three points representing the several movements needed to complete 360 degrees in reciprocation. This is to support clear identification of the RECIPROC® instrument regarding both size (colour) and specific reciprocation use (three points).

Depth markings
RECIPROC® instruments have radiograph visible depth markings at 18, 19, 20 and 22 mm.

Instrument length: 21 mm, depth markings at: 18,19 and 20 mm
Instrument length: 25 mm, depth markings at: 18,19,20 and 22 mm
Instrument length: 31 mm, depth markings at: 18,19,20,22 and 24 mm

Instrument lengths
21 mm, 25 mm, 31 mm RECIPROC® instruments have a short shaft of 11 mm enabling better access to molars compared to many other instruments which have a shaft of 13 mm or longer.

Frequency of Use
A RECIPROC® instrument is designed for single use in maximum one molar. As with all nickel-titanium instruments, it should be examined during the treatment and discarded if signs of wear, such as untwisting, can be seen. If an instrument appears to be bent after being used in a strongly curved canal, it should be discarded.

Single-Use Convenience
The RECIPROC® system is designed for convenience and safety. The instruments are delivered ready to use, pre-sterilised in blister packaging and should be simply discarded after use, making work flow more efficient: eliminating the need to clean and sterilise instruments, considerably reducing the risk of contamination to office personnel and eliminating the risk of cross contamination to patients.

One RECIPROC® instrument does the job of several instruments which would need to be used for preparation with regular hand or continuous rotary instruments. The RECIPROC® instrument cannot be autoclaved so it cannot be reused. This safety feature protects against metal fatigue caused by over-use.

RECIPROC® Paper Points
paperpointsThere are highly absorbent RECIPROC® Paper Points corresponding to instrument sizes R25, R40 and R50. For convenient use and to support infection control the RECIPROC® Paper Points are packed in blister cells of four Paper Points only and are industrially sterilised. Sterile paper points help to prevent the root canal from recontamination after thorough cleaning and desinfection. Markings at 18, 20 and 22 mm assist working length control. RECIPROC® Paper Points retain good material consistency when fully saturated.
RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha
Root canals prepared with RECIPROC® instruments have a shape suitable for all obturation techniques. The RECIPROC® system includes RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha for use with either cold obturation techniques such as single cone and lateral compaction or as a master cone for warm vertical compaction.
RECIPROC@ Gutta-Percha has a greater taper which corresponds to the individual shapes of instruments R25, R40 and R50 and ensures an accurate fit thanks to a newly developed injection moulding process.
Due to its special alpha phase and a low melting point RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha can also be used for warm obturation methods, for example with the BeeFill®2in1 system.

VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® is a new endo motor for reciprocating and continuous rotary nickel-titanium systems. It is conceived for convenience with an intuitive menu navigation and a clear display. There are pre-programmed settings for reciprocating systems RECIPROC® and WaveOne and for continuous rotary systems Mtwo®, FlexMaster®, ProTaper®, K3 and Gates. In the Dr.'s Choice programme, 15 further torque/ speed continuous rotary settings can be set and stored for use with other rotary nickel-titanium systems. For the rotary systems the motor offers automatic reverse rotation when the set torque limit is reached and acoustic warning signal when rotating in reverse direction and at 75% of the set torque values. VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® is battery operated and can also be used while charging.