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Rubber Dam Liquid

Rubber Dam Liquid is our new light cured product to seal rubber dam. It can also be used for gingiva protection during dental treatments: whitening, etching, microabrasion, sandblasting etc.

To seal rubber dam, apply a layer of the liquid to the edge of the gingiva and the rubber dam and cure the preparation for 15 seconds using a polymerisation lamp in a scanning motion to ensure even curing. After treatment lift off the polymerised material and remove.

Immediately after use withdraw the syringe plunger and place the original cap on the container to avoid polymerisation of the product in the syringe. The tips are single use only.

Rubber Dam Liquid contents:
4- 1.2cc prefilled syringes and tips

Rubber Dam Liquid

Price: 36.40 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Ref: CER553022044

Rubber Dam Liquid