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Obtura III Max

Obtura III Max

The Obtura Heated Gutta Percha system rapidly fills even the most difficult root canals more effectively, in less time, and with less patient discomfort than any other method. The Obtura can benefit anyone - from the full time endodontist to the general practitioner.

The complete Obtura system includes the handpiece and control unit, gutta percha, two sizes of applicator needles and all the accessories you will need to start using the system right away.

A sleek modern design unit with:

  • 5 pre set programmes

  • Soft touch controls

  • Easy clean surfaces

  • Ergonomically designed gun

  • Lightweight therefore less fatigue

  • The only choice for Obturation

  • Condensible thermosoftened material eliminates voids

  • Most effective and efficient backfilling technique in endodontics today

  • Three different size needles to backfill any root canal system

  • Controlled and predictable results

  • Used by key opinion leaders all over the world

  • The Obtura has been an integral part of the armamentarium for Endodontists and General Dentists v

  • Backfill with Obtura

  • Extrude a little GP from needle and wipe clean

  • Place needle in contact with apical GP for 5 seconds prior to extruding GP. Allow the needle to be backed out of canal by soft GP. Do not exert apical pressure on the needle and do not actively withdraw needle. Fill to canal orifice and vertically condense

  • Take a final post-operative radiograph

  • Obtura III Max

    Price: 995.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

    Ref: QED-OBT823-800