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Introducing triniti®

The triniti® Cross Section

A tapered instrument having a cross section which is an ‘Approximate Equilateral Spherical Triangle’

• More streamlined profile
• Much sturdier cross section
• Robust cutting point
• Good clearance for debris
• Excellent flexibility

Simplified triniti® protocol

• Establish straight line access to the root canals - remember the cliché "Access is Success"
• Use the IntroFile in a brushing action progressing into the middle third
• Create a "glide-path" by watch-winding Sterifiles to size #20 up to estimated working length
• Use the largest 06 taper triniti file to resistance
• Use progressively smaller triniti files until estimated working length is reached
• Confirm working length and complete apical preparation.
• In very narrow or curved canals do this with an 04 taper triniti file or a Sterifile.
• Remember to use constant irrigation and lubrication
• Use in constant rotation at a speed of 250-350rpm