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Introducing ProTaper® Gold

ProTaper® Gold is the most popular endodontic Nickel Titanium system in the world.


  • only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape

  • an easy to remember protocol (colour coded)

  • drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for ProTaper Gold files, with the same colour codes for instant identification

  • Faster:

  • only 3 instruments needed in most cases

  • high cutting power

  • More efficient:

  • increased apical taper for better canal cleaning

  • better debris removal due to the unique 'Multiple Taper' design of these instruments

  • Safer:

  • guiding tip with rounded end to minimise canal deviations

  • these instruments are also available in a manual version to treat anatomically difficult cases or for clinicians who prefer to use hand files to facilitate tactile control.

  • ProTaper Rules
    The ProTaper® Gold Rules

  • once working length is confirmed, use each instrument progressively down to the working length

  • always irrigate the canal before engaging the file

  • clean the instrument directly after use

  • ProTaper Gold rotary files should be used at a constant and stable speed between 150 and 350rpm

  • for a better result, ProTaper Gold rotary shaping files S1,S2 and SX should be used with a brushing action

  • withdraw the file once the working length is reached