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Introducing Mtwo®



Europe's number one system
Traditional method - modern results

No need to change your habits!

  • A direct approach technique

  • Maximum of four instruments for all types of root canal

  • All instruments are used to full working length: "Single Length Technique"

  • Even with the first instrument, the whole length of the root canal is shaped conically

  • Futher instruments are available (see the 'Accessory files' page)

    Systematic procedure
    One sequence for all canals

    Designed for high cutting efficiency and minimal friction

  • Mtwo instruments are particularly flexible and efficient due to their S-shaped cross-section

  • Maximum space for removal of dentinal debris and minimum radial canal wall contact facilitate safe and fast preparation

  • The pitch is progressive and the space for dentine removal is deeper at the back of the blade, helping to reduce the risk of blockage and the accumulation of dentine chips to a minimum

  • The cutting blades form long, almost vertical spirals, reducing an undesired screw-in effect to the minimum and ensuring better control of instrument progression

  • Outstanding
    Outstanding cutting efficiency

    Unique instruments

  • 10/04 and 15/05 instruments, which facilitate initial shaping of the whole length of the root canal

  • Instruments with a 16mm and a 21mm working part. By using a passive filling motion interferances in the pulp chamber can be removed with a 21mm working part instrument, without unnecessarily weakening the tooth