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FileCare® EDTA

Chelating agent reducing stress on the file and allowing efficient cleaning and easier preparation

  • Active substances: 15% EDTA and 10% urea peroxide gel

  • Removes smear layer

  • Improved tubular penetration of endodontic medication and filling material

  • Helps prevent files from blocking in the canal

  • Reduces instrument fracture

  • Easier penetration of the instrument, as FileCare® EDTA decalcifies dentin by binding the calcium in an electronegative complex

  • Pulp tissue and dentinal debris are actively flushed out of the canal

  • Anti-bacterial effect

  • Box of 5 x 3ml syringes

    Filecare Edta 5 Syringes Of 3Ml

    Price: 52.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

    Ref: 1010 000 005

    Filecare Edta 5 Syringes Of 3Ml