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B&L SuperEndo - Beta Starter Kit in black

B&L SuperEndo - Beta Starter Kit in black

Ref: BSK

The latest generation of cordless backfill delivery device
- SuperEndo- is and innovative that is "compact, convenient, smart, and versatile".
- SuperEndo- performs a precise backfill of the gutta-percha after a warm vertical obturation and it offers the functionality of 3-dimensional obturation. With temperature control, convenience and ergonomics of a cordless device.

- Variable temperature settings: 150°, 180°, 200° and 230°
- Quick heat up and easy to clean
- Compactable thermo softened gutta percha, eliminates voids
- Controlled, predictable results
- Multiple uses from one charge will last over 3 hours
- Various gauge needles. 23 and 25 gauges have a 360° swivel.

Kit comprises:
1 obturation gun
1 Charging base
1 pack of Thermal Protectors
1 Plunger Assembly
1 Needle bender/wrench
1 pack of Cleaning brushes
1 Battery pack
1 AC Adaptor
1 box of GP Pellets (hard type)
1 packet of needles, 2 of each of 24mm Needle 23 gauge, 26mm Needle 25 gauge, 50mm Needle 20 gauge

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Price: 995.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)