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Advantages of Reciprocation and the RECIPROC® System

Advantages of Reciprocation and the RECIPROC System

Centring ability - In reciprocation, the instrument stays better centered in the root canal. Large instruments with a large core can safely and efficiently negotiate even narrow and strongly curved canals.

Single file preparation - A root canal can be completely prepared to a greater taper with only one reciprocating instrument.

Simplicity - RECIPROC is very simple to use.

Less work steps - Chair-side preparation is reduced to a minimum, as the RECIPROC instrument comes pre-sterilised. There is no need to change instruments in the contra-angle during preparation.

Time-saving - Designed for convenience, RECIPROC instruments are used on only one patient and then simply discarded, eliminating two work steps -cleaning and sterilising.

Less risk of contamination - The risk of cross contamination to patients is eliminated and the risk of contamination to both office personnel and dentist is considerably reduced.

Easy to learn / Less likelihood of procedural errors - Root canal preparation with RECIPROC is easy to learn and tests with RECIPROC showed less likelihood of procedural errors compared to rotary NiTi.

The risk of instrument fracture is minimised - The angles of reciprocation are specific to the design of the RECIPROC instrument. They are smaller than the angle settings where the elastic limit of the instrument would be met, thus minimising the risk of instrument fractures.