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Welcome to the QED website.

2014 will be our "silver jubilee". And whilst we are not expecting the organising of street parties and other such festivities, it is gratifying that QED is as relevant today as it was in 1989.

In 1989 new methods and materials for manufacture were revolutionising endodontics,and QED filled a much needed role as the expert supplier to the market.

Challenges today are different - and so is our role. New supplier countries are bringing new and (sometimes!) better product to the market every day. So it is our job to seek out the best and most valuable products for you, our customers. Indeed, as our cover says so graphically - to "cherry pick" on your behalf! This was said to me recently by a supplier who accused me of just that - cherry picking products. I was delighted! This was the best definition of our job that I had heard in years. So for this, our 25th year of business, it will feature in all our advertising - and of course, on the cover of this, the eleventh edition of our irreplaceable catalogue.

Thank you as ever for your business and continued support.

All at QED wish you a successful year.

Neil Conduit